Photo by D.C. Goosen/Het Utrechts Archief

It’s time to cross that yellow bridge! On Sunday 18 October, the museums, theatres and other cultural organisations of Leidsche Rijn, the expansive housing estate to the west of Utrecht city centre, will open their doors to the public. For example, De Vrijstaat and CultuurCampus will offer various workshops for kids, local music groups will show their skills in music venue Azotod, there’s a Human Library in the library and Castellum Hoge Woerd will offer guided tours about the Roman past of the district. In addition, the artists of thirty galleries in an old cherry orchard (Ateliers Kersenboomgaard) will be exhibiting their work. You can also head for RAUM on Berlijnplein, the biggest playground for design, art and technology in Utrecht where you’ll find interesting art objects and installations. Afterwards, go for a drink and a bite to eat at the neighbouring Venster, a no-frills local restaurant. Do make sure to check out the full programme online beforehand, as this is just a small selection of everything that’s on offer on Sunday 18 October.

> 18 October, various locations in Leidsche Rijn