Throughout the centuries, the Buurkerk church in Utrecht has had various functions: it’s been a cemetery, a wedding location, a hay store, a bakery and stables during the French occupation. In 1457, Sister Bertken had herself bricked up behind one of the church’s walls so that she could dedicate the rest of her life to God in complete seclusion. She lived in this cell for 57 years. During World War II, the church was used to distribute rations and later on, demonstrations against the war in Vietnam were held here. Since the 1980s, the Buurkerk has been home to Museum Speelklok. The museum and its vast collection of self-playing musical instruments is worth a visit in itself, but the current At home in the Buurkerk, a thousand years of history under one roof exhibition will explain more about the history of this special place.

> until 5 January 2020, Museum Speelklok