Utrecht has numerous parks where you can take a stroll. A lot of them are in the centre of town, but if you venture out a bit further, you’ll find several parks that are bigger, greener and much more luscious. Beatrix park in the Lunetten district is one of them. 

Photo by Dieuwke de Boer

By Manon Marijs

Beatrix park in the Lunetten district is a bit more overgrown than other parks in the city. This woody park has lovely winding paths alongside the water and is perfect for a stroll or a run. If the weather is good, you can also spread out your blanket on one of the more sheltered areas of grass to enjoy a picnic, read a book or just stare at the clouds drifting past. You can even spot some Utrecht history here: the park features two nineteenth-century fortifications that belong to the New Dutch Waterline. Together with embankments, locks, canals and bunkers, they formed an ingenious system designed to protect the Netherlands from enemy troops during wartime.

Whenever you head outside, always make sure you comply with the RIVM-guidelines