Photo by Studio Tweemaal

For four days in March, the bars in Utrecht transform into mini-theatres. Prepare to be amazed by intimate performances by young theatre-makers while you unsuspectingly sit at the bar with a pint. Thirteen productions are suitable for international visitors. In De Stadsgenoot, you can watch a combination of dance and circus by Maele and Madeira, Anna Zurkirchen gives a dance performance in Kopi Susu and Voortuin hosts a show about physical ecstasy by Bart Merks and Merel Franx. Performances will also be given in De Rechtbank, The 5th, Gastmaal Café, Taplokaal Gist, Hofman Café, Mevr. Dudok, ’t Oude Pothuys, Eetcafé Refter, Café Rex and Springhaver.

> 7 to 10 March, various venues