Twenty eight recordings of the 2018 edition of the Utrecht Early Music Festival are now available free of charge in the Stingray Classica App, ‘classical music’s own Netflix’. The launch of this app, developed by Stingray Classica in collaboration with the festival, was already planned. They decided to offer the app free of charge for one month due to the coronavirus. It offers you unlimited access to HD video recordings of twenty eight concerts, such as the Huelgas Ensemble’s complete Burgundian ABC, Josquin’s Missa l’homme armé sexti toni by Vox Luminis, and almost the complete series of harpsichord recitals based around Couperin. In addition, the catalogue contains over two thousand hours of integral concerts, and ballet and opera performances by orchestras such as the London Symphony Orchestra, the Berliner Philharmoniker and concert halls such as Carnegie Hall.

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