Every month until the summer, you can come and enjoy a different big-screen classic in one of the oldest cinemas in the city. Starting on 9 May, the film will be The Asphalt Jungle, an American film noir from 1950 about an ex-detainee who wants to commit a final spectacular robbery. However, his ambitious project culminates in a desperate attempt to avoid the long arm of the law. From 6 June, it’s the turn of Rear Window, possibly one of the most nail-biting thrillers Alfred Hitchcock ever made. A photographer (James Stewart) has broken his leg and is confined to a wheelchair. He kills the time by observing his neighbours going about their business through his tele-lens. Convinced that he has witnessed a murder, he asks a friend (Grace Kelly) to investigate.

> The Utrecht City cinema will be screening The Asphalt Jungle from 9 May, and Rear Window from 6 June