The Common Closet on Domplein 4

Did you give your closet a spring clean and end up with lots of nice clothes that could make someone else very happy? And do you want to add some new second-hand treasures to your collection at the same time? Go for a private shopping spree in the Common Closet, a store where you can buy second-hand clothes and sell your own clothes. It’s an initiative by the Utrecht start-up Circle That, which aims to boost the circular economy. To shop in peace for 45 minutes without worrying about social distancing, you can book a time slot for the Common Closet. If you specify your personal preferences when choosing a time slot, Circle That will pre-select some items for you and even put on your favourite music. You can come shopping on Saturday 9, Wednesday 13, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 May. More dates are likely to follow, so keep an eye on Circle That’s Instagram- and Facebook-page!

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