Last year, De Kromme Haring brew pub opened its doors in Vechtclub XL on Europalaan. Gijs van Wiechen (34) runs this new hotspot together with the American Stephen Grigg. They serve their own local beers, brewed on the premises, as well as an alternating selection of special Dutch and international beers.

By Laura Amiabel

‘If you haven’t got any fixed plans, just go for a stroll around the city. Remember to keep your eyes peeled though. It’s a great city and there’s so much to see. One evening fairly recently, I suddenly found myself in the Jan van Lingtuin in the Bemuurde Weerd area; it was new to me and a real discovery. The narrow streets behind Breedstraat are also worth visiting. Try walking into one of the dead-end alleys.’

‘Beer is my passion. So many beers, so little time! If I’m not in De Kromme Haring, you’ll find me in Café DeRat on Lange Smeestraat or De Drie Dorstige Herten on Lange Nieuwstraat; they’re two of my favourite haunts. And when it comes to beer shops, De Bierverteller on Twijnstraat is the place to be.’

Café DeRat, Lange Smeestraat 37 |
De Drie Dorstige Herten, Lange Nieuwstraat 47 |

‘What’s the best music venue in Utrecht? That’s a no-brainer: EKKO. Great programming and it feels kind of intimate. But the best thing about it is the bar and, here I go again: the good selection of beers.’

EKKO, Bemuurde Weerd WZ 3 | 

Young chefs
‘I’ve had enough of all those hamburger joints on every street corner. I like the younger chefs nowadays, the ones who are trying still developing their talents and identity as chefs. That’s exactly why I go to BROEI on the Westerkade, Vaartsche Rijn on the Oosterkade and De Klub (my neighbours in Vechtclub XL) if I go out to eat. Héron Petit Restaurant on Schalkwijkstraat is the one that tops my list right now.’

BROEI, Oosterkade 24 |
Vaartsche Rijn, Westerkade 27 |
De Klub, Europalaan 2 B |
Héron Petit Restaurant, Schalkwijkstraat 26-28 |

> De Kromme Haring
Europalaan 2C