On a hot sunny day, what better place to be than on one of Utrecht’s urban beaches? Whether you want to sip a drink on the water’s edge or swim a few lengths in an artificial lake in Leidsche Rijn: we’ll tell you all about the best spots in Utrecht for sun, sand and swimming for all ages. This time: Haarrijnseplas.

The Haarrijnseplas was created when they dug out sand to raise the level of the Leidsche Rijn district, which is close by. Although this isn’t a particularly tranquil spot (near the motorway and next to an industrial estate), it feels as if you’re out of town. Key West Beachhouse is an added bonus: sit on the terrace of this beach pavilion and watch the sun set with a glass of something cold and delicious in your hand. The Haarrijnseplas is easy to reach by bike, bus (routes 4 and 10) and car.