Juliet (left) and Melle (right)

It’s Saturday again, and that means it’s time for a brand new edition of the Hofman Live Session. First on stage: singer Juliet and her band. She expresses her inner worries – which will be very recognisable for many – through tragi-comic lyrics. Her first single Raamkozijn is an ode to her neighbour, and a seamless fit with the times we live in right now. Next up is multi-instrumentalist Melle. He started writing songs from an early ages and learned to play various instruments, such as the cello, ukelele, guitar and piano. Love and the loss of loved ones are recurring themes in the lyrics of Melle’s songs. He draws inspiration from the music of Tom Odell, The Beatles, Queen and Coldplay. If you want to support the musicians, you can donate some money via this link. No matter how small or large your donation is, the musicians will be receiving the full amount.

> Tune into the Hofman Live Session on 16 May from 9 pm