A castle fit for an emperor: after the German defeat in World War I, the German ex-Emperor Wilhelm II fled his country and headed for the neutrality of The Netherlands. He bought Huis Doorn in 1919 and lived there until his death in 1941. Wilhelm II upheld his imperial allure in the Netherlands, decorating his home with the very best paintings, furniture, silver objects, porcelain and rugs. He had them transported to Doorn from palaces in Berlin and Postdam in sixty train coupés. Baroque art features heavily in the original interior, that is still very much intact. You’ll find Wilhelm’s tomb in the mausoleum. If you aren’t keen to visit in person, you can pay a virtual visit to Huis Doorn Museum and scroll through the art collection online.

> Huis Doorn is located at Langbroekerweg 10 in Doorn

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