The latest animation film by Wes Anderson tells the story of Atari Kobayashi, the 12-year-old foster son of a corrupt mayor. After a state of emergency is declared in Megasaki City, all pets are banished to Trash Island, a huge rubbish tip. Atari decides to go and look for his guard dog, Spots. On arriving on Trash Island, he and a pack of new-found dog friends embark on an epic journey that will change the course of fate and the future of the entire province. By the way: fans of Wes Anderson’s films are in for a treat in May and June, because four of his tragicomic classics will be screened in the Louis Hartlooper Complex on five separate Sundays: Fantastic Mr. Fox (6 May and 3 June), Rushmore (13 May), The Royal Tenenbaums (20 May) and The Darjeeling Limited (27 May).

> Isle of Dogs will be screened in the Louis Hartlooper Complex from 10 May