Satellite Girl & Milk Cow

The programme of the Utrecht part of this new animation festival is totally dedicated to children (and their parents). You can watch animation films (including Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs, Mirai, Steven Universe), and there are programmes of short films for all ages (3+, 6+, 9+ and teens). Also, the new Oscar and the Hoo film will have its première and you can test new games and VR projects in the interactive Exploration Station installation. Kaboom has a special collaboration with Aardman Studios, the makers of Shaun the Sheep and Wallace & Grommit. You can make your own favourite animation character in the Aardman Modelmaking workshop, or visit Aardman films’ Scratch ‘n Sniff show, at which you not only see the films, but smell them too!

> 9 to 13 November, various locations