Tracy is a 24-year-old ‘pint-sized high-school drop-out’, who comes up with the idea getting an all-female crew together to compete in the world’s toughest, most dangerous yacht race. She did this in the 1980s, when the general view was that ‘girls aren’t for sailing, they’re for screwing when you get into port’. Tracy started learning to sail when she was sixteen, taking part-time jobs as a cook and cleaner on yachts to fund her hobby. When she heard about the Whitbread Round the World Race, taking part became an obsession. Despite all the odds, she and twelve other women finally sailed out of port. Journalists opened a book on how long it would be before they capsized, and the Guardian described the boat as ‘a tin full of tarts’. But the women were adamant to win and willing to risk everything to achieve that goal.

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