Mary Magdalen: a woman with many faces
Insistent, thoughtful, defiant, guilty, inviting: the gaze of Mary Magdalen has many manifestations behind which many stories are hidden. She anoints, tempts, weeps, prays, proclaims, repents, and performs miracles. The visitor encounters Mary Magdalen in paintings, sculptures and photos and is challenged to unravel the mystery that has arisen around her over time. Was she a woman of easy virtue, a saint or perhaps the wife of Jesus?

Mary Magdalen: the podium she deserves
For centuries, artists have been inspired by Mary Magdalene: from anonymous medieval masters to Marlene Dumas and David LaChapelle. With spectacular works of art from renowned national and international museums, the mysterious Mary Magdalene gets the grand podium she deserves her own exhibition. The oldest representation that can be admired comes from our own collection and dates from the late eleventh century. The most recent work coming to the exhibition was painted at the end of 2020 by the Dutch artist Helen Verhoeven.

Mary Magdalen: publication and side program
Alongside the exhibition, a richly illustrated book is published with twelve contributions by both domestic and foreign authors. They shed light on Mary Magdalen from different religious traditions and pay attention to her contemporary meanings as a cultural phenomenon. Furthermore, an interesting lecture program is being put together and activities with partners are scheduled in the city.

The exhibition will then remain on display until January 9, 2022.

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