Foto: Renk Ruiter

There’s nothing wrong with walking or biking within a few miles of Utrecht, but it could also be worth expanding your horizons. In our May/June edition of MAG Utrecht, we give five tips that take you to beautiful spots surrounded by unspoiled, natural diversity. One of these spots you will find at the Soesterberg Airbase.

Fighter jets landed at the former Soesterberg airbase until 2008, but it’s now an area of natural beauty inhabited by a huge diversity of birds, insects and rare plants. A 5-km trail has been marked out, starting at the National Military Museum and taking you through the old munitions depots. Hidden between the trees, you’ll see reinforced concrete bunkers which were used to store thousands of kilos of ammunition. Although much of the huge runway is closed during the breeding season, a small part is still accessible. After your walk, grab a to go or a seat (COVID-19 willing) at Soesterdal café-restaurant, on the perimeter of the airbase.

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