In November, Utrecht celebrates the feast of its patron saint, Saint Martin. He is famous for having shared his cloak with a beggar. Sharing is one of the main features of the festivities. On Friday 8 November, there will be light shows, music, song, dance, eating and performances around the huge Saint Martin’s fire on Berlijnplein in Leidsche Rijn Centre. Saturday is the day of the Saint Martin Parade through the city centre: this large-scale parade is buzzing with lights, lanterns and music. If you plan to join the parade or simply come and watch on 9 November, bring some kind of light with you. A lantern, a string of Christmas lights, reflecting shoe soles… It doesn’t matter what you bring, as long as it emits or reflects light. Children who fancy building a luminous work of art can come to a lantern-making workshop being given in association with the Kaboom Animation Festival. This will take place from 14.00 onwards in Het Utrechts Archief. The full programme of all the festivities around Saint Martin also includes a Saint Martin Concert and a festival about fulfilment on 9 November.

> 4 to 11 November, various locations