Photo by Het Utrechts Archief/Fotodienst GUA

We look forward to it every year, but this year perhaps more than ever: being able to sit outside for the first time, enjoying the warm rays of pale spring sunshine. There’s been a terrace on the Kalisbrug bridge on Vismarkt, which was built around 1300, for years. In days gone by, a market used to be held on the square on this bridge, selling mainly fish. The bridge had roofing to keep the traders and fishmongers dry, but that was destroyed during the German occupation. A house for the fish auction was built on the bridge instead, and it’s still there today. Let’s hope that we can soon sit on the terrace of the Graaf Floris café-restaurant with a coffee and warm apple dumpling (a speciality at Graaf Floris for almost forty years) or a beer with tasty hot ‘bitterballen’.

> in collaboration with Het Utrechts Archief