‘Waiting girls’ by Peter Demetz

You probably had no idea that there were so many different types of fairground organ figures: court dancers from the wig era, provocative cheerleaders, exotically dressed gentlemen, rural nostalgia, fashion from the 1930s, to mention but a few. In their day, organ figures were highly respected and carefully crafted products, which attracted a lot of attention standing on an organ front. Some of these figures refer to bygone times, others represent role models or contentious topical issues. For many decades, they were passed from organ to organ, from street to street. But street music and the streetscape have changed enormously over the course of time. How has this affected organ figures? You’ll find the answers in the brand new exhibition Straatbeeld (streetscape) in Museum Speelklok. It not only shows the most diverse and beautiful organ figures, but also work by modern artist Peter Demetz. The namesakes of Peter Demetz made the most beautiful organ images in Ortisei, Italy, more than 100 years ago. Demetz sees himself in line with this tradition, but does not make organ images. His art is formed by lifelike, unpainted, dreamy, wooden images. Admire them in the museum and discover the similarities and differences with the old organ figures.

> from 9 October, Museum Speelklok