TED is back in Utrecht! On Wednesday 24 June, a new TEDx event for and by young residents of Utrecht will take place online: TEDxYouth @Utrecht. The ultimate goal? Hacking happiness.

Four locals will share their stories about how they found their way to happiness. Suzanne van Duijn switched a career as a lawyer for a life as an independent PR advisor and digital nomad, combining entrepreneurship with travel. Kaj Hendriks is a successful Olympic rower and doctor. The corona outbreak made him choose between sports and medicine. David Mangene is stand-up comedian, teacher and author of How not to kill yourself. He has struggled with manic periods, heavy depression and suicidal thoughts all his life and wants to break the taboo on discussing mental health problems. And Abdelilah Alhamoud was determined to find freedom, justice and happiness in the Netherlands after fleeing from Syria in 2014. David and Abdelilah will share their stories in English. TEDxYouth @Utrecht is organised by Thirty030.

> Register for the live event on Wednesday 24 June at 7 pm