Photo by Jelmer de Haas

From established names to up-and-coming new bands: music is all around in Utrecht. On Sunday 3 June, the city centre will be transformed into one big stage as this second edition of the free festival ‘Utrecht Centraal’ gets under way. There’ll be gigs throughout the city, featuring hundreds of musicians from Utrecht playing music from every genre in unique crossovers and unusual venues. The festival brings together diverse musicians whose paths would never normally cross, challenging them to step into a different musical world. One of the highlights is ‘Obsessed by Music’, a festival-in-festival curated by Utrecht-born musician Colin Benders (a.k.a. Kyteman). His obsession? A modular synthesiser. The sounds that Benders gets out of this synth must be heard to be believed: one minute you’re in a dream world, the next you’re rudely awakened by the harsh sounds of the bass.

> 3 June, various locations in the city centre