Tejo Remy, You Can’t Lay Down Your Memory, photo by CMU/ Ernst Moritz

Designs by the Droog Design cooperative, which was founded in the Netherlands 1993, are innovative, accessible and full of humour and interesting twists. Droog Design soon became linked to the term Dutch Design, although this isn’t entirely justified as the cooperative also worked with international designers. But the designs certainly boosted the global popularity of Dutch Design. The Centraal Museum, which owns an enormous collection of Droog Design, will be exhibiting its top fifty pieces this autumn. Think a crochet chair by top Dutch designer Marcel Wanders, a gardening bench made from dried and pressed garden waste by product designer Jurgen Bey and early designs by big names including Tejo Remy, Hella Jongerius and Richard Hutten.

> From 22 September, Centraal Museum