By Manon Marijs

Willem and Vanessa (aka Wi and Va) share a passion for making furniture that adds a creative twist to your interior. ‘About seven years ago, Vanessa decided to start making furniture for our home’, explains Willem. ‘The furniture in the shops was all very much the same and we wanted something different. Our first creation was a table.’ Friends started taking an interest in their designs and the ball soon started rolling. And so WiVa Design wasborn, and more chairs, side-tables, coffee tables and TV cupboards followed. Most of them feature a hint of Scandinavian retro combined with modern, abstract corners. Their furniture is generally manufactured from solid wood, and to avoid waste, Willem and Vanessa use the offcuts to create smaller pieces of furniture and accessories.

> Visit the WiVa Design showroom at Life’s a Peach focacceria (Hardebollenstraat 9) or visit their website.