Wednesday 15 February 2023

Graceland the Concert

Graceland the Concert
photo: Wim Lanser

Practical information

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
Lucasbolwerk 24
3512 EJ Utrecht View location
€ 10.00 - € 33.50

The African Mamas present ‘Graceland The Concert’, the famous concert – initiated and conducted by Paul Simon! With their beautiful voices, deep and heartfelt emotions and boundless energy, The African Mamas create a more than incredible show.

It started in the early 80s when Paul Simon accidentally got a tape of ‘Gumboots’. The driving force of the Soweto-sound of guitars, bass, drums and accordion reminded him of the thrilling early years of rock ’n’ roll. A little while later, Paul Simon went to Johannesburg to play and record with the original musicians resulting in the fantastic Graceland album.

Despite the political turbulence in South Africa, the sensation over the mix of American and South African pop music was enormous. The anti-apartheid movement was not happy that Paul Simon broke with the cultural boycott of South Africa. While lots of well-known artists still played at Sun City, the decadent symbol of the apartheid politics, Paul Simon was criticized. He didn’t understand it at all; “The artists were happy that I came to Johannesburg. We worked together, without mentioning race or color”. The Soweto-sound was introduced to the international audience and history was written.

Forget all critics and comments; ‘Graceland The Concert’ is above all a beautiful musical experience!

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