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General offers the most complete cultural agenda, cultural information and lifestyle tips in the city of Utrecht. is part of Stichting Utrecht Marketing, the organization responsible for the processing of your personal data. Stichting Utrecht Marketing is located in Utrecht at (3512 GC) Ganzenmarkt 1. This Privacy Statement relates to the collection and use of your personal data. Various personal data is collected on the site. When participating in a competition and when registering for the newsletter, we ask for some personal data, whereby only the necessary personal data must be entered. In addition, Google Analytics cookies are also placed to analyze the site visit.

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1. Participation in promotions and competitions
2. Uitmail, Kidsmail and Festivalmail
3. Cookies

1. Participation in promotions and contests

If you participate in promotions, contests and/or surveys via this website, we ask you to provide your first and last name, zip code and email address. You also have the option to sign up for one or more of our newsletters: Uitmail (weekly), Kidsmail (2x before every school holiday and the Festivalmail (4x per year). Which personal data do we process and use:

  • First and last name: if you win for a promotion, we will pass on your name to the relevant institution where the event takes place. Your name will then usually be put on the guest list and in some cases you will receive an e-ticket from the relevant authority. It is an optional field when completing the form, but please note that if you win, we will usually ask for your first and last name so that you can be put on the guest list at the relevant institution to collect the tickets at the register.
  • Zip code: Uitagenda Utrecht mainly focuses on the city of Utrecht, but it’s really helpful and interesting to see if people outside the city are interested in events in Utrecht. We can see this based on your zip code.
  • Email address: if you win a contest, you will receive an email from us. We will then forward your first and last name and email address to the relevant institution that handles the tickets. In the unlikely event that the performance, concert or exhibition is cancelled or the institution sends you an e-ticket, they will use your e-mail address for this. After the contest is over, the submitted data will be deleted.
  • Subscribe to the newsletter: you can subscribe directly to one or more of our newsletters. Your entered e-mail address, first and last name and optionally your zip code will then be added to our mailing system ‘Mailing list’ of EM-Culture. If you are already in this system, your data will be updated, unless you previously opted out. Each newsletter contains a link to unsubscribe and/or to ‘forget’ your data (‘Right to be forgotten’: click on the unsubscribe link, in the follow window click on ‘Privacy’ and here you have to option to request to be ‘forgotten’ or request to access your data).

All data is sent via an SSL connection. This data will be stored in our system and deleted after the competition has ended. We think it is important that you are aware of what information we request from you and why. That is why we ask you to read and accept it. Is something not clear? Or are we missing something? Feel free to send an email to Have you participated in a competition in the past or have you forgotten to tick the box, and do you want us to remove your data from our system? Then also send an e-mail to stating ‘Delete my details from’ and provide at least your last name and the e-mail address you registered with in this e-mail. On the basis of this data we can find and delete your data.

Retention period, being forgotten and access to data

In May 2018, the rules were further regulated with regard to data protection (General Data Protection Regulation). Part of that is that you have the right to be forgotten. If you participate in a contest, your data will be saved. After the contest has ended, the entered data will be deleted. Have you checked a box that you want to receive the newsletter? Then we enter your data in our newsletter system (Mailinglijst), but we remove your data that is linked to the promotion from our own system. Other rights you have under the General Data Protection Regulation are the rights to access or change your personal data or the right to object to the processing of your personal data. If you want to make use of one of these rights, please send an email to

2. Uitmail, Kidsmail and Festivalmail


When you subscribe for the Uitmail, Kidsmail or Festivalmail via this website, you will receive a message confirming your registration. By registering you have given us permission to use your data for sending the Uitmail, Kidsmail or Festivalmail. The Uitmail is then sent weekly, the Kidsmail a maximum of twice before each (school) holiday and the Festivalmail is sent four times a year. We store your personal details and preferences in our ‘Mailinglijst’ mail system owned by EM-Cultuur and use this exclusively for sending the Uitmail, Kidsmail and/or Festivalmail. We use the entered data as follows:

  • First name (optional): in some mailings we’d like to address you personally and personalize all our newsletters (eg: “Dear John”).
  • Last name (optional): in some mailings we’d to address you in the newsletter with your first and last name, eg: “Dear John Johnson”.
  • Zip code (optional): we would like to know approximately where everyone comes from, so that we can better tailor our newsletters to what is going on in your area in terms of performances, concerts, films and exhibitions. Zip codes can also be used for continuous research and to better understand the audience / cultural participants.
  • E-mail address (required): the e-mail address is of course necessary to send you the newsletter. If you are new in the system, you will receive the first newsletter we send out, sometime in the coming weeks. You can always unsubscribe from the newsletter with the unsubscribe link below every newsletter.

Please note that the current mailings are in Dutch. We are considering an English newsletter though. If you are interested to be the first to know when we’ll launch an English newsletter, you can do so here. Note that you are not subscribing to a newsletter. This will only be used to let you know when there is a newsletter in English for you to subscribe to.


You can withdraw your consent to receive our mailings at any time. At the bottom of each mailing is a link to ‘Change your details or unsubscribe from the Uitmail’. By clicking on this you will be sent to a page containing your personal details and preferences. By clicking on ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the page, you unsubscribe from the mailinglist. Below that button is a ‘Privacy’ link. Here you can request to be ‘forgotten’ or the access your data.

Retention period, ‘forget me’ and access to data

We store your personal data until you indicate that you no longer wish to receive mailings from us. In Mailing List it is also possible to be ‘forgotten’ or to get an overview of the data that has been registered. At the bottom of every email sent since 25 May 2018, you can click on “Edit my data or unsubscribe” (in Dutch: “Wijzig je gegevens of meld je af van deze mailing”. In the following screen, below the “Unsubscribe” button, there is a link called “Privacy”. If you click on this, you can submit to be ‘forgotten’ or submit a request to access your data. Your request will then be sent to us and we will process it as soon as possible (within 4 weeks at the latest). Don’t see a link or do you have another question? Send an email to and we will look into it for you.

3. Cookies

The website places cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed on a PC, tablet or mobile phone by an internet page. These cookies are used to make the website function better and to monitor web visits. This way we can check how many people have visited the website in a certain period. We cannot trace this data back to a PC or individual.

Why cookies?

Web pages have no memory. A visitor who surfs from page to page within a website is always seen by the web server as a new visitor. Cookies ensure that a website continues to recognise your browser.

Use of cookies uses different cookies for different purposes. Most cookies we use are Functional. And all privacy sensitive options in Google Analytics are disabled. Below is an overview of the types of cookies we place and the associated purposes.

  1. Functional cookies: Google Analytics 4 / Universal Analytics. To be able to offer, to make it function and to remember your preferences (for example, the choice between Dutch or English. We use Google Analytics to gain insight into how our visitors use Like visitor numbers, popular pages and topics. This way we can better tailor communication to the needs of website visitors. We cannot see who (which PC, tablet or telephone) visits the website. Note that Google can do this as a provider of the service, but cannot relate this to privacy-sensitive information. They are also not allowed to use this information for other purposes or transfer it to third parties without a court order. Your IP address is not provided and the last octet of the IP address is masked. The information is stored to and by Google on servers in the United States Google adheres to the Safe Harbor principles and is affiliated with the Safe Harbor program of the US Department of Commerce. This means that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data. The data is also not shared and the Google Analytics cookies are not combined with other Google services.We would also like to point out the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, with which you can prevent your data from being collected and used by Google Analytics.
  2. The advertising networks we use place tracking cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to keep track of which pages you visit, in order to build a profile of your online surfing behavior. This profile is not linked to your name, address, e-mail address and the like, but only to tailor advertisements to your surfing behaviour. In addition, these cookies are used to limit the frequency with which an advertisement is shown to you.

Which cookies are used

  • _ga Duration: 2 years. Google Universal Analytics: This cookie registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website. This cookie will be stored for 2 years unless you delete it yourself.
  • _ga_* Duration: 1 year. Google Analytics cookie to count and store page views.
  • _gid Duration: 1 day. Google Universal Analytics: Registers a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data about how the visitor uses the website. This cookie will be saved for 1 day unless you delete it yourself.
  • __gads Duration: 13 months. Google Doubleclick: cookies used by Google Doubleclick, an advertising system that is part of Google. Sometimes we place our own advertisements on our site that are managed from this system. The system is not used to show Google Ads on
  • pll_language Duration: persistent. Polylang Language: a plugin for WordPress to make a website multilingual. This cookie remembers which language the user has selected (Dutch or English).
  • _gat_gtag_UA_* Duration: 1 minute. This Universal Analytics cookie stores a unique user ID. Universal Analytics will be phased out on July 1, 2023.
  • __gpi Duration: 13 months. Google Adsense / Google Admanager cookie.


If you think that we do not comply with the applicable privacy regulations, we will be happy to help you find a solution. If that fails, you have the right to submit a complaint to the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


This Privacy Statement is subject to change. The changes will be announced on this page.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Statement or the privacy policy, please send an e-mail to stating: “Privacy Policy Uitagenda Utrecht”.

This page was last updated on: 31-5-2023

Note: this page was translated with the help of Google Translate and a little bit of common sense. Did you spot an awful grammatical error? Feel free to let us know via 😉

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