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Friday 17 March 2023

Kikker Stelt Voor: Digital Ducttape

Kikker Introduces: Digital Ducttape

Practical information

Theater Kikker
Ganzenmarkt 14
3512 GD Utrecht View location
€ 7.00 - € 14.00

“My phone is like a blank slate. It is taped into my existence. When I see my reflection on the screen, I forget who I am. I decide who I am.”

Digital Ducttape is a labyrinth which celebrates the beauty of the constructable identity. The central idea is that social media can contribute to the propagation of a multitude of identities, to showcase vulnerability and an openness without shame. 

While the first two parts of the triptych Some Say Morality Is Negotiable – Puppies for sale and #ShapeME – focused on the alienating, manipulative and negative effects of social media, in Digital Ducttape we recognize and accept the fluidity of our being. We embrace the world of the internet, social media and artificial self-presentation as self-expression.

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