Tuesday 31 January 2023 - Tuesday 7 February 2023

Eternal Spring (with English subtitles)

Eternal Spring (with English subtitles)

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In March 2002, a state television station in China was hijacked by members of the outlawed spiritual group Falun Gong, who pursue the refinement of the mind and body in which truthfulness, compassion and tolerance are important values, in order to refute the government’s charges. In the aftermath, the city of Changchun, where the founder of Falun Gong came from, is ravaged by a series of police raids. Falun Gong practitioner and cartoonist Daxiong (Justice League, Star Wars) is also forced to flee. He arrives in North America and blames the hijacking for exacerbating the violent repression. His views are tested when he meets the only surviving contestant who escaped from China and now lives in Seoul, South Korea. Inspired by Daxiong’s art, Eternal Spring combines live action with 3D animation in a compelling story of resistance, poignant eyewitness accounts and a determination to stand up for political and religious freedoms. Regardless of the price that has to be paid for this.

Cast: Daxiong (Stem), Wang Huilian (Stem), Wang Liansu (Stem), Jin Xuezhe (Stem)

Regisseur: Jason Loftus

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