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2048 identity in dissolution

2048 identity in dissolution

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About family, identity, and exclusion

alaa minawi is a Dutch-Lebanese-Palestinian artist working between visual and performing arts. He develops individual projects as well as supports other makers.  After the success of his performance That breath we held… in 2021, alaa has now returned with a new performance named 2048 identity in dissolution ( ٢٠٤٨تَحَلّلْهَوِيَة). This performance started as a research from the ramifications of the inability of the Lebanese mothers to grant citizenship to their children. 2048 is the name of the artistic research around the notion of belonging and whatever stems out from it.

This research is manifested in the form of performative installations all under the same title; 2048, however the subtitle changes. 2048 identity in dissolution ( ٢٠٤٨تَحَلّلْهَوِيَة) is the fourth performative installation that deals with the notion of visibility and invisibility.

A small, intimate audience is taken on a journey of questions that involves them, their childhood, their family and identity. As such, they become not only witnesses, but also co-creators of the performance. Together with his audience, alaa discusses societal violence that results in the exclusion of certain members of society, for example by the absence of a valid identity card.

2048 identity in dissolution ( ٢٠٤٨ – تَحَلّلْ هَوِيَة) had its Dutch premiere during De Brakke Grond’s festival Beyond the Black Box. The international premiere took place on January 15, 2023 in Beirut (Lebanon). During SPRING (18-27 May) the performance will be shown for several days!


1- This performance is based on using WhatsApp. Audience members interested in the performance need to have their own WhatsApp number in their phones. A WhatsApp group will be created consisting of the audience members (10 – 12 persons). Your phone number will be part of that WhatsApp group. Some of the mediums you share in the whatsapp group will be part of the performance. Please charge your phone for the performance. The location will be announced on the day of the performance, in the WhatsApp group.

2- This performance uses phone flashes in certain parts.

3- This performance starts outdoor: be equipped for rain and cold.

4- This performance requires a certain literacy in using whatsapp. it is not possible to participate without using your whatsapp number.

Location: Location will be shared on the day of the performance

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