Dance & ballet
Friday 26 May 2023 - Saturday 27 May 2023

A Plot / A Scandal

A Plot / A Scandal
photo: Moritz Freudenberg

Practical information

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht
Lucasbolwerk 24
3512 EJ Utrecht View location
€ 14.50 - € 17.50

on the tensions of scandals

People love scandals. We eat it up when a secret gets exposed, or when someone commits a foul act. Scandals hinge on our imagination: in scandals, our fantasy takes center stage and we imagine crazy possibilities. But how do we position ourselves in a world full of scandals? And is there a limit to what we can expose? Scandals may bring pleasure to the audience, but this is at the expense of those exposed. 

In A Plot / A Scandal, choreographer and dancer Ligia Lewis focuses on the immorality and impropriety of scandals. She covers historical, anecdotal, and mythical narratives, from John Locke to her own great grandmother. In this performance, Lewis explores the edges of representation as well as the refusal by some to be part of this. It is a dance between seeing and being seen.

Another work by Ligia Lewis, Still not Still, is also part of SPRING 2023.

Location: Stadsschouwburg Utrecht Blauwe Zaal

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