Dance & ballet
Saturday 14 October 2023

Afrovibes: Deus Nos Acudi

Afrovibes: Deus Nos Acudi
photo: Ivan Barros

Practical information

Theater Kikker
Ganzenmarkt 14
3512 GD Utrecht View location
€ 5.00 - € 10.00

What are our physical and emotional possibilities of finding freedom and security in a world of traditions, symbols, consumer culture and racial differences. A world as it was formed during colonial history. Mozambican choreographer Pak Ndjamena asks the question whether our body is free or is it controlled and bound. Is our body original and autonomous or are our body’s experiences and identity influenced by the cultural pattern in which we find ourselves. To what extent is our body influenced in its movements, posture and reactions to the environment by traditions, oral traditions, symbols, manuscripts and prescribed bodily movements that surround us. What can and cannot be done, what is allowed and not allowed. Artistic starting point of Deus Nos Acudi is the relationship between the body, history, power, religion and culture. In Deus Nos Acudi, Pak Ndjamena explores how traditions and the cultural context in which we live determine our attitudes towards others.

In his dance, he expresses fierce issues of racial identity, tradition, ritual and doubt. Deus Nos Acudi is the live dance version of a dance film previously made by Ndjamena. Previously seen at LALANBIK Temps Fort Maputo 2021, French Cultural Centre Maputo 2022

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