Dance & ballet
Saturday 2 December 2023

Tipping Point

Tipping Point

Practical information

Podium Hoge Woerd
Hoge Woerdplein 1
3554 VH De Meern View location
€ 9.50 - € 19.00

A game of balance, shifting power dynamics, and a battle against gravity converge in a challenging circus and dance performance.

In a world of shards, six performers confront remnants of what once was. A large semi-circular object, resembling a broken part of a shipwreck, appears to offer shelter. Until they climb onto it and shift their weight: then it tilts, and they must react immediately to stay upright. This instability heightens their vulnerability and dependency on each other: every movement affects the object and each other.

The game of balance, the shifting power dynamics, and the battle against gravity come together in a challenging performance. Tipping Point focuses on the interdependence and the great uncontrollability within a decaying world. The movements are guided, propelled, amplified, or weakened by specially composed music.

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