Wednesday 13 December 2023

Let’s Talk About… Money matters

Let’s Talk About... Money matters

Practical information

Winkel van Sinkel
Oudegracht 158
3511 AZ Utrecht View location
Free entrance

Please note: this event is in English.

You’re trying to make the most of your student life: living on your own, making new friends, exploring your student city and beyond. The last thing you want to do is worry about your monthly expenses or having to miss out on experiences because they’re out of your budget. Still, it’s a struggle many can relate to. So let’s talk about it!

Once your salary or student loan is deposited on your bank account it can feel like the world is at your feet. On the other hand, you might also know the daunting sight of an empty bank account and having to resort to eating instant noodles until the end of the month. You know it’s important to spend your money wisely—but how?! During this evening we will be exploring money matters from several angles. How do you decide what purchase is worth your money? How is the way you look at money culturally shaped? And why does money matter so much in most societies?

Together with hosts Tirsa and Agnes we will examine the role money plays in our lives, how to get comfortable with talking about money and which budgeting tips and tricks actually work.

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