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Thursday 2 May 2024 - Sunday 26 May 2024



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Nijverheidskade 15
3534 AZ Utrecht View location
Date Thu 2 May to Sun 26 May

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Through his love for programming, David Zwitser explored what it really means for something to be digital. In our world which is becoming increasingly more virtual, where we build and trust computers to execute the processes that keep us alive and social, what is it that we’re building this foundation on? Experience an interactive installation taking you down to the level of logic-circuits and feel the true nature of “the digital”.

About the artist

David Zwitser is an installation artist / creative technologist who creates simple, human scale, interactive installations. These develop from fascinations or frustrations he experiences within himself. Through a deep exploration, fuelled by his endless desire for finding the core, he often ends somewhere interesting. A universal phenomena that, because it is deep and personal, is deeply recognisable to other people. He uses this to create an installation that through intuitive and often playful interaction reproduces this phenomena back in her visitors, often using various technologies. The goal is to trigger people. Show them a new side of themselves or give them a new view on the beauty and complexity of our world.

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