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Schommelschip” in the Exbunker is a collaboration between two students from the HKU Fine Arts: Sietske Zandbergen and Guus Holtman. Sietske (2002), a fourth-year student, creates ceramic sculptures inspired by the humor and absurdity of over-the-top consumer products such as in imagery found in hospitality, toys and internet videos. At first glance, her work appears innocent, with glossy colors and sweet details, but the longer you look, the more you deviate from your initial assumption.

Guus (1998) is obsessed with latex and brings his fleshy world to life with various characters in a performative manner. His work is often supported and filled with food items such as milk, eggs, and tomato juice. Guus captures your attention while simultaneously being able to repel you. He draws inspiration from the human imperfections we all share, quirks and whims are appreciated.

In “Schommelschip,” Sietske and Guus explore how their work relates to each other in the unique environment of the Exbunker. The exhibition invites you to approach your own reflection and the space with a playful eye. Find yourself in this bunker filled with color, flesh, light, and air. Welcome to an absurd day out.

Saturday & Sunday: 13:00-18:00

Every 2nd/3rd/4th Friday of the month: 12:00-17:00

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