Haarrijnse Plas

You can swim safely in the protected part of the lake. There is a nice sandy beach with playful dunes and a sunbathing and playing field with facilities for sports and playing. To ensure that children do not lose their parents so quickly and as a beacon for emergency services, orientation poles will be added. Entrance is free.

The swimming season runs from May 1 to October 1 and the lido is open between sunrise and sunset.

The Haarrijnseplas makes an important contribution to the water system in Leidsche Rijn. In wet times, the lake functions as a collection for excess surface water in the area and in dry times water can be brought from the Haarrijnseplas to drier parts. As a result, it is no longer necessary to let polluted water from the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal into the area. The water that is drained from the soil, ditches and canals to the Haarrijnseplas has already been purified to some extent in the wadis, where the initial collection takes place. Yet it is filtered again – before it is released into the pool – so that the water in the pool is absolutely clean and crystal clear.

Key West Beachhouse Key West Beachhouse is a lounge restaurant on the beach of Utrecht: the Haarrijnse Plas. It is an authentic beach pavilion where the elements of the sea are present. The beach and sea experience that everyone knows can now be found in Utrecht. And not just in the summer! The Central Netherlands can enjoy a unique spot on the water all year round. As if you can go on holiday for a few hours after a hard day’s work.

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