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Centraal Museum

The Centraal Museum is your gateway to art and culture from the world of Utrecht. From Rietveld to the Utrecht Caravaggists, from Dick Bruna to Moesman and from Viktor & Rolf to the centuries-old Utrecht ship. A museum which leaves you inspired time after time. The museum has been housed in this medieval cloister on the Nicolaaskerkhof since 1921 and currently consists of an eclectic collection of buildings with a large courtyard at their centre. It’s a lovely place to wander through hallways and stairwells, and where you can be surprised by the various exhibitions.

The museum has the largest collection of Rietveld pieces in the world, and shows the work of the world-famous Dick Bruna. The collection of old art is also worthwhile with work from Jan van Scorel, Abraham Bloemaert and Hendrick ten Brugghen. Besides the work of those Dutch icons, the Centraal Museum provides a broad overview of 2.000 years turbulent history, is also the ‘present’ a central theme with current fashion, design and visual art are high on the agenda.

Studio Dick Bruna
A special part of the Central Museum is the studio of Dick Bruna, one of the Netherlands’ most famous illustrators and graphic designers. For the last 30 years of his career, he worked at his studio in the centre of Utrecht daily. This was where he created his illustrations and stories, surrounded by personal memories, photos of memorable encounters, gifts from fans and letters from fellow artists. 

Online tickets
Skip the queue and order your tickets online. You will receive your ticket by email and showing it on your smartphone at the entrance of the museum is sufficient.


Centraal Museum

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