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Museum Hoge Woerd

In the Leidsche Rijn district of Utrecht, a sustainable cultural park has been built on the site of a 2000-year-old Roman fort. Hoge Woerd is among the larger archaeological heritage sites in the country, harbouring a world of information about life in a garrison town along the boundary (limes) of the Roman Empire. It has been a national protected site for more than 50 years. The park centres around the castellum itself, erected in precisely the same spot as the original Roman fort.

Museum Hoge Woerd is located in Castellum Hoge Woerd, a modern interpretation of a Roman fort with ramparts six meters high. Behind the high walls you will find, in addition to Museum Hoge Woerd a theater (Podium Hoge Woerd), the stables and gardens (Steede Hoge Woerd) with an educational center for nature and environmental education and café-restaurant CastellumCafé.

Castellum Hoge Woerd offers a contemporary program full of culture, nature and archeology.


Museum Hoge Woerd

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