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A House of Light and air

Practical information

Van Schijndel House
Pieterskerkhof 8
3512 JR Utrecht View location
Date continuous
Time 11:00

Architect and designer Mart van Schijndel (1943-1999) brought together all his furniture designs from the thirty years of his career in the home that he designed for himself in Utrecht. The house, not visible from the street, was completed in 1992, but is already a monument – the youngest monument in the Netherlands. This ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ of architecture, interior and garden design is still entirely in its original state. In 1995 Van Schijndel won the Rietveld Award with it. The most experimental and innovative are the glass doors that hinge on a silicone sealant seam. There are clear connections between this ‘house of light and air’ and the work of Rietveld and De Stijl, such as the use of color, spaciousness and the craftmenship approach. These will be discussed in detail during the tour.

Only by appointment, every first Sunday of the month, or on another day if you put together your own group of max. 10 people.

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