Photo by Jelmer de Haas

This year’s annual arts festival, featuring a whole range of theatre, dance and musical performances (many suitable for non-Dutch speakers!), visual art and interactive installations, kicks off in late March in Utrecht. The heart of the festival is on the Neude, where two temporary theatres will be erected, while various performances aimed at young and old will be dotted around the city. From mid-April, the Tweetakt Festival moves to the area in and around Fort Ruigenhoek, just outside town. Here you will see massive sculptures, interactive installations, video art and games, all made by renowned artists and budding young talent.

> 27 March to 12 April, Utrecht city centre & from 29 March to 14 June, Fort Ruigenhoek

Some suggestions for performances that are suitable for non-Dutch speakers:

Accompanied by seven young dancers, choreographer Radouan Mriziga focuses on everything that goes to make rap unique: the rhythm, the flow, the statements and the gestures. They cover the entire history of rap, from the grand masters of the last century through to Kendrick Lamar.

As long as we are playing
This production by kabinet k revolves around playing. Play as an inexhaustable source of impulses. Play in which the rules maifest themselves in the hands of the people who make, observe, change, steer, manipulate or ignore them. Play as a source of pleasure and harmony, as well as conflict and power.

Mia Kermis
Close to Stefanie Claes’ house in Antwerp, there’s a trapdoor for foundlings, a place where you can leave your baby without anyone knowing. Amazed and fascinated by this place, Stefanie tries to understand what happens here. This ode to all the foundlings that have ever lived, and to imagination and curiousity about our origins, is the result of her quest.