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Han Schuil
At first glance, Han Schuil’s monumental works of art seem abstract, but reality is never far away. Schuil was one of the artists who was part of a strong revival of painting in the Netherlands from the 1980s onwards. Over the course of four decades he built up a consistent and idiosyncratic oeuvre, part of which can be seen in the exhibition SOLO.

Until 12 November 2023, Landhuis Oud Amelisweerd

Han Schuil, Blast Cyclops II (2009) – photo: Peter Cox

Scheurwater & Sohier
Hester Scheurwater and Roland Sohier have – each in their own way – made a name for themselves in the world of contemporary art. Hester explores the complexity of identity, self-image and femininity in the digital age and is known for her daring (self) portraits. Her work is often seen as provocative and controversial. Roland Sohier’s nude drawings are poetic explorations of the female form. Where Hester challenges you to think about the limits of privacy and self-expression in our modern society, Roland asks you to embrace the beauty of the naked truth, without distraction or frills.

Until 18 November 2023, Galerie Larik

Hester Scheurwater and Roland Sohier

De Elementen
Building on her novel Falling Is Like Flying (2019), writer and artist Manon Uphoff takes the next step in her search for images that are able to give shape to experiences of violence. Through drawings, a video installation and correspondence with guest curator Rosemarie Buikema, the viewer becomes a witness of and a participant in this quest. How can you destroy and create simultaneously?

Until 19 November 2023, Centraal Museum

Manon Uphoff, Droommeisje



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