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4x exhibitions not to miss

Peeking and peering
Chantal van Lieshout and Benjamin Pompe both have a fascination for specific details that they magnify and give a central place in the worlds they create. Both myths and personal memories provide inspiration for their colourful, playful work. In this duo exhibition they build an installation in which they engage in the process of world building.
Until 11 May, Kunsthal Kloof

The creation of science
Religion and science have always clashed. Normally they get on well together, but can also clash fiercely. And to this day, they unexpectedly have a lot in common. This exhibition demonstrates that the history of the natural sciences in Western Europe cannot be explained without understanding the influence of Christianity. This is the very first exhibition in the Netherlands to shine a spotlight on the dynamic relationship between religion and science.
Until 2 June, Museum Catharijneconvent

Based on his love for programming, David Zwitser investigates what it really means for something to be ‘digital’. What is the foundation on which we build in our increasingly virtual world? An interactive installation will take you to the level of computer chips, for you to feel the true nature of The Digital.
2 to 26 May, EXBoot

Coincidentally green
We all want more green in the city. But how? Artist and gardener Hans van Lunteren prefers to rely on what nature itself provides us. If you do nothing, plants and trees will spontaneously appear. Seeds germinate in a place where they feel good and find enough nutrients. Hans calls on people to adopt seedlings and give them the right to exist by hanging a label with the text on them. In this exhibition, you can check how that works out.
Until 9 June, Castellum Hoge Woerd

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