5x Dom tower

The city’s biggest attraction has been under construction for a long time. Fortunately, there are beautiful products for sale that show the Dom in all its glory. All made locally, of course.

Roses are red

What’s nicer than receiving a surprise in the post? All Roses are Red-products, founded ten years ago by Roos Kluvers, fit through the letterbox. She started with illustrations, produced as cards in small batches, but she now makes Dom towers in all shapes and sizes: cut from wood on a stand, as cookie molds and as window stickers made of static window film. They are glue-free, easy to remove and reusable.


Give your breakfast, lunch or dinner a local touch with the ceramic products made by echtWaar. In the workshop of this foundation, people with distance to the labour market make products they can be proud of. Within a calm and safe environment, they are encouraged to develop their skills and participate actively in society. The handmade plates, cups and pitchers all feature an image of the Dom, drawn by the employees themselves.

Lucas van Hapert

Do you want to walk around Utrecht style? That’s possible with Lucas van Hapert’s socks. He makes silk-screen prints of the city, but also works on designing logos, campaigns and book covers. For his sock line, he works with a company that adheres to the rules of the Fair Wear Foundation, an organisation that is concerned with improving working conditions in garment factories. The socks are available in various sizes, colours and patterns.

Studio Joost Gijzel

As the owner of a locally driven design studio, Joost Gijzel sees the city as a playground. Many of his designs are connected with the immediate surroundings. Inspired by the Scandinavian design school, his style is clean and simple. This sand mould was 3D-printed using bioplastic made from cornflour and is available in various colours. So you know what you will be doing this summer: building Dom towers made of sand.

Dom shape

Get yourself a baking mold in the shape of the Dom tower, so you can bake a cake to celebrate the 900th birthday of the city. The mold was made by Domvorm Creative Studio, a design studio with a fresh take on food design. Their vision: not only the taste of the food is important, but the design also contributes to the culinary experience. Check their website for tasty Dom tower cake recipes.

Where to buy?

Most of these products are available at the store of the Tourist Information Centre on Domplein. You can also order them online:

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