June 2023

From art to karaoke: Festival Tweetakt

From 16 June to 2 July, Festival Tweetakt is back in Utrecht with theatre and dance performances for all ages in various theatres in town. There are also two festival hubs. There’s music, karaoke and silent disco on Neude, with gigs by Nusantara Beat, De Toegift, Amina and many others. At the monumental Fort Ruigenhoek, a fifteen minute bike ride from the city centre, you can watch short films and theatre performances under the trees, participate in workshops, play games and marvel at all kinds of art installations, such as icebergs in the canal, mysterious light and mirror installations and colourful works made of wire. Food and drinks are also available at both locations.

photo: FeL – © Clara Hermans


The light is on. Or the light is off. That’s how we say it, right? But it’s not that simple, because there’s a large, endless world between on and off. Choreographer Karolien Verlinden takes you on a journey from jet black to fluorescent pink, past broken corners, spinning circles and swaying figures.

From 3 years and older, Theater Kikker

Human Instruction Manual

In less than a second we connect with people on the other side of the world. So why is it so difficult to connect with the people we interact with every day? Twelve young people move back and forth around each other while seeking for connections. Powered by electronic dance music, they try to bridge the distance from each other. How can they decode someone else’s manual? And how can they explain themselves to the outside world?

From 12 years and older, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

From 16 June to 2 July 2023 op various locations.

Check out tweetakt.nl/en for the full programme.

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