Meet the street - Oosterkade & Westerkade

Oosterkade and Westerkade

The opening of Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn train station has livened up the Oosterkade and Westerkade. You’ll find trendy coffee bars, creative companies and original restaurants with huge sunny outdoor terraces. High time to discover these two streets running on either side of the Vaartsche Rijn canal.

1) Sunny terrace

Orloff aan de Kade

Oosterkade 18

It’s no secret that the vast terrace at Orloff aan de Kade is a great place to soak up the last rays of the setting sun. But why not spend all day here? It’s open from 11.00, serving late breakfast, coffee with cake, lunch, drinks and dinner, 7 days a week.


2) Living room


Oosterkade 24

This is the place to go for delicious vegetarian food, heavenly coffee, art and an exciting creative programme. At BROEI, they use organic ingredients wherever possible, buying their products from local, smallholders, market gardeners, growers and roasters. Another great place to collapse on the terrace, with a view across the water.


3) Filter coffee bar

Koffie Leute

Westerkade 30

Koffie Leute is all about filter coffee. Having said that, you can also order a cappuccino or espresso. Sit down on the sunny terrace or squeeze yourself into a seat in the cosy living room. This relaxed spot is part of DRUK, a workplace for novice and more established entrepreneurs. The limited menu offers cake and sandwiches, but they don’t mind if you bring your own.


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