Throwback: 1969

Road to nowhere

These two mothers with prams are sitting on a park bench in the sun by the water with Catharijnesingel in the background. This was just before a large section of the canal in the city centre was filled in to create a four-lane ‘motorway’ (the shortest one in the Netherlands, as it wasn’t even a kilometre long) through the city for the ever-increasing number of cars in Utrecht. To the delight of many local residents, this decision was overturned some forty years later. So nowadays, there are even more benches that you can sit on by the water.

In collaboration with Het Utrechts Archief (The Utrecht Archives). Visit them on Hamburgerstraat 38


The Utrecht Archives

Het Utrechts Archief constitutes the memory of the city and the province Utrecht with dozens of kilometers of archives, half a million of photographs, films, pictures and an extensive library.

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