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Atelierroute Utrecht

During Atellierroute, 275 local artists open their studios to the public at 120 locations in Utrecht Oost and Utrecht West. You can admire paintings, photography, sculptures, performance art and more in the larger, more well-known studios such as the Vlampijpateliers, Hof van Cartesius and Havenloods, but also in the smaller artistic hotspots in town. Like it? Just buy it on the spot!

header image: Nico Heilijgers, Asperges

Atelierroute Utrecht

left to right: Ineke Damen, Piskijker naar Jan Steen – Roderick Laperdrix, Jesters Fool King – Margreet Klaverdijk, Handstand1

Nico Heilijgers

Looking for a painting of a bowl of fresh lemons? Then Nico is your man. He brings everyday objects to life with his paint and pencil. It’s almost as if you can grab the asparagus right off the canvas. Nico also transforms traditional landscapes and street scenes into still lifes.

Ineke Damen

Ineke’s paintings are seemingly disordered compositions of mostly figurative elements. They are reminiscent of old craftmanship, inspired by romantic, often moralising scenes by painters from the 16th and 17th centuries. When these scenes are projected to the present, you will enter a quirky dream world, which is a great place to escape on a planet that is disrupted by the many rules and regulations.

Roderick Laperdrix

Roderick loves fine painting, but also enjoys drawing. In his realistic, slightly humorous work he often uses archetypes. ‘I see the hermit as the personification of the desire for peace and solitude. In more recent work I explore the jester and his various roles,’ he says.

Margreet Klaverdijk

This sculptor works in wood, plastic, bronze and metal. Margreet makes large and small figurative sculptures, in which she captures human emotion and movement.

Atelierroute Utrecht

vlnr: Maja Irene Bolier, Days Wife – Mai Linh Ly, Zaaddozen – Amiran Djanashvili, Engel

Maja Irene Bolie

This artist creates exotic compositions with photography and plant books. In this way, she explores the thin line between the strength and vulnerability of sexuality.

Mai Linh Ly

Mai Linh Ly executes her stylised work down to the smallest details. Nature is a great source of inspiration for her art. The origin of plants and botany, but also her own origin as Chinese/Dutch, are important starting points for her drawings, collages, sculptures and illustrations.

Amiran Djanashvili

Amiran, originally from Georgia, was trained in the former Soviet Union, where sculpture was primarily regarded as a craft at the time. You can check out his traditional, skilled work in his impressive studio on Manenburg.

Welkom in Utrecht (Welcome in Utrecht)

Visit Welkom in Utrecht in the asylum center on Josef Haydnlaan to check out art made by refugees. This is a place you normally won’t be able to visit, but this time you can you meet artists from far and wide, who are waiting for an asylum status here.

The 135 studios in West are open on 16 and 17 September. The 135 studios in Oost open their doors on 23 en 24 September. A free map is available at Kunstliefde (Nobelstraat 12A) and the Utrecht Store (Domplein 9) from 9 September.

16 & 17 September, 23 & 24 September. For more info visit

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