Dans & ballet
vrijdag 26 mei 2023 - zaterdag 27 mei 2023

Batty Bwoy

Batty Bwoy
foto: Julie Hrncirova

Praktische informatie

Het Huis Utrecht
Boorstraat 107
3513 SE Utrecht Bekijk locatie
€ 14,50 - € 17,50

Het beeld van queer en zwarte mensen ontdekken door gebruik van het lichaam

“Batty Bwoy”, literally “butt boy”, is Jamaican slang for a queer person. In this performance, Harald Beharie explores how blackness and queerness are perceived. He attacks and embraces sedimented  narratives around the fear of the queer body as a perverse and deviant figure. He does this by using his own nude body in an expressive way. 

The work twists and turns cruel myths to unfold vulnerable possibilities in an interplay of consciousness and naivety. Both the horror and joy of Batty Bwoy are unmasked. Batty Bwoy focuses on bodies and languages, on how we take in and reject the fictions projected onto our skin.

The work has found inspiration in mythologies, disgusting stereotypes, feelings and fantasies of the queer body and identities, homophobic dancehall lyrics and 70s Giallo films from Italy. Furthermore, it is inspired by resilient “gully queens” and voices of the Jamaican and Norwegian queer community who have contributed to the process of this solo creation.

Locatie: Het Huis Utrecht Theaterzaal

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