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Whether you’re out of groceries, have something to celebrate or are just simply too lazy to cook: getting some food to go is usually the kick-off to a good night. But which restaurant to choose? Check this shortlist to find new favourites all around town. And why not get some fresh air with your food and drop by to pick up your meal?

By Merel van ’t Hooft, featured image Son Mat

SOY (Tuinwijk)

This is where to go for amazing vegan and vegetarian Asian food, prepared by a very friendly Chinese family. This hidden gem in Tuinwijk district has not yet been contaminated by the hipster virus, but remains authentic and affordable. They only take cash and don’t deliver, but that’s all the more reason to jump on your bike and inhale some fresh spring air.
> Antonius Matthaeuslaan 112

FLFL (Centre)

Having successfully opened several stores in Groningen, FLFL decided to head to Utrecht. They offer (you guessed it) lots of tasty falafel options at this venue. Apart from the well-known hummus and tahini toppings, they also serve amba (a salty mango chutney) and a cilantro and parsley sauce. Plenty of reasons to stop by for a bite.
> Servetstraat 10

Don-Kounosuke (Vaartsche Rijn)

This little gem close to the Vaartsche Rijn train station probably is the most authentic Japanese restaurant in all of Utrecht, if not the whole region. Instead of the standard sushi, they serve different dishes from Japanese cuisine, such as Bento boxes and curry. And once it is allowed again, please dine in to give their signature Donburi rice bowls a try.
> Westerkade 27

Buurten in de Fabriek (Oog in Al) & Buurten in de Gaard (Tuindorp)

For affordable quality burgers, Buurten in de Fabriek and Buurten in de Gaard are great places to go. They only do take-away, so count yourself lucky if you live in Oog in Al or Tuindorp. Try their organic beef burger or go for a vegetarian or vegan option. Hungry at lunchtime? Buurten also serves soups, sandwiches and other meals, including kid-friendly options and sweets.
> Kanaalweg 91 & Troosterhof 4

Kimmade (Centre)

With two branches in the city centre, Kimmade caters to the inner city’s Vietnamese cravings. Thanks to fresh ingredients, lots of herbs and the yummy balance between sweet, sour and salty, their dishes are always on point, whether you’re vegetarian or love your fish and meats. The menu of the Street Food venue on Mariastraat differs from the one of the Food Village on Oudegracht a/d Werf – both are worth a try.
> Mariastraat 2 & Oudegracht a/d Werf 61

Fatta A Mano (Hoograven)

In the mood for Italian? Check out pizzeria Fatta A Mano, which serves more than just great pizza. Try their delicious bolognese or pasta al salmone, for example, and make sure not to skip on the tiramisu to end your meal on a high note. More often than not, they’ll throw in some free breads with garlic butter or a drink, too. What’s not to love?
> Vultostraat 112

Son Mat (Centre)

Son Mat serves mouth-watering Korean soul food from a cute corner store that only does delivery and takeaway. Try the boneless fried chicken or hearty deopbab (rice with toppings), or go for one of their combo meals. Skip the kimchi if you can’t handle your spice, but if you love the burn, you know what to do…
> Voorstraat 30

Padres Place (Lombok)

If you’re in the mood for a real fast food treat, check out Padres Place in Lombok: a fusion between the American and Mexican kitchen, with several varieties of spareribs (Asian, Mexican, Spanish), burgers and lots of guilty-pleasure sides. Make sure to finish it off with some churros from their ‘calories corner’. You can eat a salad again tomorrow…. In January, Padres Place was one of the five nominees for the title Hollands Best Delivery Chef 2021.
> Van Koetsveldstraat 20

Indo Food House (Leidsche Rijn)

Two twin brothers with Indonesian roots opened the doors of Indo Food House in December 2020. One of them used to work at places like The Streetfood Club and Beers & Barrels. The idea: a luxury but still affordable version of traditional Indonesian takeaway restaurants. Check out their nasi rames combination dishes for a guaranteed (and satisfactory) food coma.
> Graauwaartsingel 300

KukruBoss (Overvecht)

According to many, KukruBoss serves the best Surinam food in town. With its generous portions, well-spiced dishes and friendly service, KukruBoss has made a name for itself both in and beyond Overvecht. They recently opened a second take-away venue on the Vleutenseweg, which is also a great option for affordable roti, (vegan) nasi or tjauwmin.
> Franciscusdreef 40K & Vleutenseweg 110


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