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When the weather is good, rent a bike or pull on your walking boots to visit some of these great places just outside the city centre.

Stadsbrouwerij RoodNoot

There’s a monumental farm dating from 1880 just over the yellow bridge leading to and from Leidsche Rijn district. It’s home to Stadsbrouwerij RoodNoot, where they brew craft beer in the former hay barn. The sustainable restaurant uses locally sourced and home-grown products wherever possible, and they have a sunny terrace and a cultural programme. RoodNoot also provides a safe working environment for people with poor job prospects.
> Oude Vleutenseweg 33

Ping Pong Club

If you’re looking for a hands-on evening out, try the Ping Pong Club, where you can hire a table-tennis table for a knock-about with your friends. There’s also a cupboard full of board games. If you’re not interested in games, grab a seat on the huge terrace along the railway line, where there’s always something going on. The menu includes various beers, wines and cocktails, to wash down the snacks, burgers or chips with Rendang.
> Concordiastraat 80

Karma Kebab

In 2018, they were asked to develop a sustainable festival snack for the Lowlands festival. In their eyes, this meant a kebab, but without meat. In the meantime, the creators of the Karma Kebab have perfected their product: tasty pita bread made from celeriac, 100% plant-based, just like the kebab pizza, karma pide, double-decker toastie and flatbread, which soon followed. You can try them all, in what is no ordinary kebab joint. The outlet used to be a bicycle storage unit on the Merwede canal, and now features bumper cars, fire baskets and a DJ booth.
> Kanaalweg 50


After a period of consecutives crises (a pandemic followed by a fire in the CAB building where the pub was housed), Bart-Jan Hoeijmakers and Mark Strooker from the Oproer brewery are now hoping for better times. They recently opened the Oproer Biercafé, a meeting place for locals and beer buffs, underneath the new ‘The Fizz’ apartment building at the Overvecht shopping centre. It’s a place for special beers (IPA, stout, barrel-aged wild ales and more), or coffee and plant-based food ranging from snacks and breakfast to dinner.
> Beyaertdreef 5

Key West Beachhouse

If you filter out the background zoom of the motorway, a trip to the Haarrijnse Plas lake is a great way to spend a hot summer’s day. After your bike or bus ride, take a refreshing dip in the water and then find yourself a spot on the terrace of the laid back Key West Beachhouse beach pavilion. If you use your imagination, this could even be a tropical holiday island.
> Strandboulevard 222

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