October 2023

Being yourself

Cultural Sunday: Queer

This Cultural Sunday on October 8, 2023 is all about queer culture. Expect a diverse program with dancing, literature, theater, exhibitions, music, city walks, burlesque and much more.

PANN < 18
In 1969, homosexual relationships between adults of 21 years and older and adults between 16 and 21 were criminalised. Therefore, COC Netherlands did not admit anyone under 21 years old. As a result, LHBTQIA+ youth didn’t have anywhere to go. Six students were fed up with this and founded PANN, which has now grown in to a foundation that organises monthly parties and events for LHBTQIA+ youth. This party on Cultural Sundays Queer is for everyone < 18 years and is organised in collaboration with Jong&Out.

GOSH! (‘a Good Old Sexy Happening’) once again brings together a group of powerful burlesque and drag artists, ready to bare their bodies and souls. Embark on a journey of exploration into love, the meaning of which will be redefined in this sexy, naughty, and activist performance.

Non-binary or gender fluid is not who I am, but what I am, is what the models of photographer Henja Kooijman/Wunderlust fotografie state in this exhibition. Henja: ‘First and foremost, queers are people. They happen to feel like a woman one day, like a man the next and sometimes both. They are completely okay with being queer. Queer joy, is what they call it. That is what this series conveys.’

Identical twin sisters Madelon and Danielle Bruinhof produce dark alt pop. The Dutch twins are inspired by northern acts such as Björk, AURORA and Tove Lo. LÖNA’s music is defined by icy synth sounds and wide reverbing guitars, with heartfelt lyrics about the passing of their dad, slut-shaming, LGBTQ+ representation and other personal experiences.

Culturele Zondagen Queer is being made with Utrecht Queer Culture Festival and other queer organizations in Utrecht.

Sunday 8 October 2023, various locations

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